(Wo)man the barricades, but not the corner office?

Dr. Nutt shares the following post with Trust Law – a global hub for free legal assistance and news and information on good governance and women’s rights – in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The chronic under-representation of women in politics and in executive positions is mistakenly attributed not to the systems that fail to support their personal and professional realities, but to women’s eternal quest for “greater work life balance” (a harmonious place located between Lilliput and Atlantis).

That women are still required to succeed on men’s terms, most pronounced within the corporate and political sectors, is rarely seen as the problem ab initio.

For many, feminism is regrettably now lived in the passive and not in the active sense.

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The Future of Aid

On January 26th War Child hosted a panel discussion with lead human rights and development experts to discuss the future of aid in our conflicted world. Samantha started the evening with a keynote address to the sold out crowd. Please find the speech, in its entirety here.

Watch Dr. Nutt’s keynote here.

CBC, The National – Turning Point Panel

The Turning Point returns to The National tonight (Tuesday, November 29th) on CBC. Samantha is a regular member of the panel, so be sure to tune in. And for past episodes see the In The News section of this site for links to the videos.

Brian Stewart reviews ‘Damned Nations’

Brian Stewart, one of Canada’s most experienced and respected journalists, has written a wonderful review of Damned Nations on the CBC News site. Many thanks to Brian for his kind words.