Recently, Samantha wrote an op-ed in The Globe and Mail that sparked debate across the aid sector. Samantha focused her piece on the recent partnership between three Canadians NGOs and top Canadian mining firms.

The recession has been brutal to those who are reliant on humanitarian assistance for their very survival. European governments have, not surprisingly, made drastic cuts to their aid spending. So has the U.S. Congress, and many foundations are operating on reduced budgets. The effect has been that non-governmental organizations around the world are swimming in a rapidly evaporating pool of funding, raising the competitive stakes alongside a host of ethical questions.”

Samantha’s poignant article, which will surely make you stop and think, can be read in full here.

This article inspired further discussion online and in the media. Samantha discussed the issue further on CBC’s radio program, As it Happens, ¬†and on CTV News Channel’s National Affairs show.