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Throwing Stones by Samantha Nutt,  Huffington Post Women, Monday, June 2, 2014

Nigeria’s Conflict Won’t Be Solved With Armed Intervention And Slogans by Samantha Nutt, The Globe and Mail, May 28, 2014

 The Price Of Inaction by Samantha Nutt, The Mark News, April 24, 2014

As Syria’s War Drags On We’re Forgetting How To Help by Samantha Nutt, The Globe and Mail, February 10, 2014

What Not To Give And How To Have A Truly Charitable Christmas by Samantha Nutt, The Globe and Mail, December 20, 2013

Justice For Newtown’s Tiny Victims Needs U.S. To Talk About Gun Control by Samantha Nutt, The Globe and Mail, December 17, 2012

Time To Extract Responsibility From Africa’s Mining Industry by Samantha Nutt, The Globe and Mail, August 22, 2012

As Peter Mackay’s Wife You Have No Opinions by Samantha Nutt, The Globe and Mail, July 31, 2012


Discussing the Kony 2012 campaign on CBC’s The Current, March 9th

Woman the barricades, but not the corner office? Trust Law, March 8th

Damned Nations review by Alanna Shaikh, February 7th

Allan Gregg in Conversation, TVO, February 1st

As it Happens, CBC Radio, Thursday January 26th

The Future of Foreign Aid, CTV National Affairs, Thursday January 26th

Should NGOs take the Corporate Bait? The Globe and Mail, Wednesday January 25th

The Agenda with Steve Paiken, Wednesday January 25th

Power Play: Two Years since Haiti Earthquake, CTV Power Play, January 12th

The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti, December 23rd 2011

A Brilliant Polemic by Ian Smillie, Damned Nations review in the Literary Review of Canada

Governments, Aid Agencies Ignore Too Much Misery, Winnipeg Free Press, November 12th 2011 (Review)

Turning Point: The Future of the European Union, CBC – The National, November 3rd

The Quill and Quire review

Q&A: War Child’s Sam Nutt Discusses First Book and Pros and Cons of Humanitarian Aid, Samaritan Magazine, October 18th 2011

Turning Point: Statehood, CBC – The National , September 27th 2011

A Letter from 12 War Zones, More Magazine, September 14th 2011

35 Amazing Canadian Women, Canadian Living, December 2010

25 Making a Difference, Globe and Mail, November 16th 2010

The Good Doctor, More Magazine, September 2010

Building a Just and Sustainable Future, OSSTF/FEESO, Spring 2010

Aiding the Children of War, Globe and Mail, November 20th 2009

Doctor Samantha Nutt Creates Global Change, Canadian Health and Lifestyle, Summer 2009

Witness to War, Chatelaine, U of T, Autumn 2007

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